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When to Get Your Hearing Checked

When is it time for a hearing test?

Every day I get the question, “should I have my hearing tested?” Over the years I have come to realize that the answer is not a simple “yes” or “no.”  A hearing test will not change your hearing.  A hearing test will not fix your communication problems.  It is just a test.  It usually takes less than 10-15 minutes and the results are given in a visual graph that immediately gives you an idea of what you can and cannot hear.  Now the question becomes “what am I going to do about the results?”

So rather than answer the question about the necessity of a hearing test, let me answer the question with several more questions…

  1. Do people seem to mumble or speak in a softer voice than they used to?
  2. Do you feel you need to concentrate to hear someone speaking?
  3. Do you have to strain to hear in meetings or larger group social events?
  4. Do you find yourself avoiding certain people because you cannot hear them in everyday conversation?
  5. Do you avoid the telephone because it is just too difficult to hear what people are saying?
  6. Do you sometimes answer a question, only to realize you misunderstood the question?
  7. Do you have to ask people to repeat things often?
  8. Have you changed your daily activities and events to avoid things you used to love because it is just too much of an effort to hear people?
  9. Has someone you know asked you about your hearing and commented on it recently?
  10. Do you or your spouse think that your quality of life is affected by your hearing loss?

“So, is it time??” Come visit us over at MTENT and Hearing Solutions to help you assess whether or not the time has come.  Hearing aids have improved so much in the last 2-4 years.  Think of how quickly cell phones have changed…the same thing can be said about hearing aids.  Free evaluations, trials and brochures are available.  We have 4 excellent Audiologists to assist you in the evaluation and placement of hearing aids.

Next time you are in the office let it be me that asks the question, “Can you hear me now?”

Michael P. Petroka, Audiologist   Daniel P. Johnston, Physician Assistant


Written and prepared by Michael Petroka, Au.D. and  Dan Johnston PA-C

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